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AD-22 Droid Team

AD-22 Droid Team
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AD-22 Droid Team
Reference : MANUTEAM

Following the harsh events of the Dissension and the deadly battles against the Insamarites, the Confederation aimed at training as much as possible population to combats. After few decades of political and industrial efforts the Confederation managed that most of the non martial tasks are carried by autonomous and helpful androids. Thus its army strength could be enhanced to its maximum.
A widespread version of these androids is with no doubt the handling service model AD-22. With a simple artificial intelligence, the AD-22 is still capable to make most of the labor and maintenance tasks of the Confederation. Its conception is very simple but shows high versatility.
The basic core of the AD-22 is composed of reinforced titanium chest and head made to protect the core nano system of the artificial brain. The other elements are customized depending on the task to which it is dedicated. There are as many possible configurations as possible functions of the AD-22 : Telescopic arms with many tools, articulated legs or wheels or caterpilar tracks and even flotting hulls for maritime tasks. They can be equiped with additional protections plates, reactors or speackers.
Besides the chassis is simple and standardized for massive production on each Confederation colony.
Keeping an humanoid structure including head aims both at reducing psychological impact of the constant presence of AD-22 and at easing the capacity of the droids to perform basic activities originally devoted to humans.
Confederation population is now used to the AD-22 for miscellaeous tasks such as garbage collection, food distribution, habitation modules building, mining, farming… But as well on battlefileds they are helpful. Troops know they can rely on the androids to get supplies and some of them own their lifes to an AD-22. Known by many people the AD-22 as known as MANU is an essential contributor to the logistical and military support of the Human confereration.
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