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Reference : IGUA001
The IGUANA 911 is the best combination of heavy armor and a high mobility. Initially designed for urban war and rocky areas it has been recently modified to be usable in low gravity environment with demonstrated high efficiency.
Usually equipped twined heavy machine gun, 2 plasma gun and rockets, the I-911 is relevant against any target.
Numerous redundant optical systems coupled with counter measure systems and thick armor ensure a long survival on battlefields. Together with its high mobility it is a central element of the AHC weaponry.
Only few pilots have the luck to become I-911 pilots. They must demonstrate highly disciplined behavior, together with outstanding reflexes and courage. Hence they are for sure the best element of the Confederation.

Resin kit to assemble and paint.

140mm tall mecha, 28mm scale.

Package Contents:
- Assembly instruction
- 78 resin parts
- Ø85x4mm cristal PMMA base
- Ø1x100mm brass rod
2023-12-31 59.0059.00
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