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Army of the Human Confederation
Since the disaster of the dissension, Human Confederation has become a fully military structure. Every member over 12 receives a military rank a status in the military organization.
The capital planet of the Army of Human Confederation (AHC) is Arcan. Located in the middle of the Arcan Empire, the planet is fully dedicated to training of troops, pilots and officers as well as logistic for military support. Given the high strategic importance, Arcan is under the constant protection of the Decallyon Admiral ship (Titan class heavy destroyer).
Even close to the end of his life the Admiral Enlyle “the young” - so called as a reference to his father former Admiral of the fleet – still controls the confederation with an iron fist. No deviation from the law is accepted and many young people learnt it working for years in the quarckium mines of the Ptroogen moon.
Twenty planets compose the AHC empire but some of them (Amphycion, Pandoria, Hellenys) are contested by regular insamarite invasion attempts. Each planet is colonized by a single Salvator class Cruiser. The stock of quarckium being insufficient for the fleet to start another interstellar journey, only Titan class heavy destroyers are allowed to keep travelling. Salvator class cruiser are grounded to their planets and nuclear cells transferred to destroyers. The trading world of Thyié is known to be built with material recycled from its original cruiser Aurelio.
The Army of the Human Confederation is a mighty and well trained war machine. The different sections of the army are always ready to battle to fight against Insamars invasion or renegades attacking colonies.
The AHC has access to large panel of weaponry for spatial, aerial, terrestrial, urban and even aquatic battle. Vehicles and weapons are constantly improved to benefit from continuous research in different domains.
The Confederation structure is dedicated to war under all forms in every layer of its population. From this point of view, AHC has uncontested advantage to keep its supremacy on the Epoch's worlds.
The Apogee force
Nobody knows where is located the settlement of Avogadro's renegades. Nobody even knows is they are somewhere on an Epoch's planet. Neither the Dabow cruiser nor the six others that joined it (Manuwa, Zudran, Utana, Enky and Dorir) have ever been seen again since their separation from the fleet.
But still drones manufactured by men stroll often in the system to gather raw materials. These convoys are marked with the Apogee sign and are under the protection of different combat units.
During the confrontation opposing AHC and the Apogee for quarckium mines or significant water sources it occurred that Apogee units are all equipped with complex autodestructing systems preventing any further technological analysis. The little debris of combat drones, drilling machines and heavy tanks that AHC could analyze made clear that no human being was piloting it. This corresponds to Avogadro's renegade’s doctrine that human life is precious above all.
Whether these machines are driven from distance of artificial intelligence, their weaponry is truly terrifying. From combat robots to heavy tanks, the Apogee force is capable to bring death and destruction in any kind of environment. The lack of human pilot leading to their reactivity is largely compensated by their tenacity. No Apogee force ever retreats: units keep fighting until the autodestructing of the whole force.
The Insamars
The Insamars species originates from the Phyrra planet, in the inner rim of the Confederation Empire hence close to the Epoch sun. They are creatures looking like human sized insects with numerous tentacles living in underground galleries deep of hundreds of kilometers.
When the Korris cruiser landed on Phyrra to establish its settlement nothing showed sign of existing inhabitants. Insamars dig for months a massive underground network before flooding humans with claws and tentacles. If few humans could survive to warn the headquarters, the rest of the colony and the Cruiser were completely erased; this event is especially important because Insamars have a capacity to transform the energy and matters into molecular substratum they include into their own genetic structure. So the absorption of human energies and technologies of the Phyrra colony lead to massive species mutation.
Insamarms metabolisms have somehow combined with electrical and nuclear characteristics to create new species. Their bodies transform into a mix of metal and biological material with pure energy fluxes. Even worse, the Insamars have been able to generate through mutation a translation system that made possible intercontinental or interplanetary infestations.
Today, there are Insamars on numerous planets especially in the inner rim of the Epoch system. Their constant need for energy lead them to constantly scavenge energies from any possible source including human colonies crossing their paths. There are different types of creatures in the Insamars species from the solider to mighty tunnel diggers but they are all able to throw plasma flares on their enemies. Often over numbering their foes, Insamars are capable to defeat any conventional army and threaten any living on the Epoch System.
The Avoydes
The Avoydes are responsible for Earth invasion. With their uncontested technology advance and are remorseless behavior, they gave no chance to the human civilizations. Luckily the exodus fleet could go through the avoyde blockade and avoid the extinction of the human race.
Reports from the mining colonies have recently shown detection of avoyde probes on the edge of Epoch system. If this is confirmed, there is high chance that an Avoyde force soon arrives to end up with the Human race.
Author: Fabien COUROUX
English translation: David DE MUYNCK
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